When Helena discovers that she's pregnant and can no longer tolerate her boyfriend's loathing of marriage or his cruel family, she decides to flee.
Eventually Joe Isuzu (David Leisure) shows up in the form of a local robot man (It should be mentioned that even though this is a different planet, everything here is robotic, too) on a dune buggy, who offers the Toa a ride. The Toa introduces himself as “Mata Nui” and, once again, I’m confused as hell about what the hell a Mata Nui is. Anyway, Joe takes Mata back to his town, a place were they evidently do nothing all day but watch gladiatorial games “To settle disputes.” One of these games goes wrong when a defeated gladiator (“Glatorians” in this game) sucker-punches the victor as he’s walking away. Mata jumps in to rescue the victor, and the bad guy eventually slinks off.


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